Alkemi is both a Windows desktop and Android application that lets you use email, instant messenger, text messaging, forum posts, blogs, even Twitter to have clear-text conversations with others but keeps anyone without your permission from being able to know what you said.

ALKEMI keeps private communications private.

ALKEMI does not keep a history, does not contact the Internet, and there is no backdoor.

ALKEMI is not Government-approved. Or, as far as I know, Government-disapproved.

New Alkemi 3.10 for Windows is now available.

It lets you open and save both Original Text and Alkemized Text data.

With Alkemi you can work in English, Hindi, Chinese (simplified and traditional),
Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish and German.

Version 3.10 adds Arabic.

You can download the zip file ALKEMI326.ZIP here:

Version 3.0.6 introduces a new menu, File. With the selections from this menu you can open Original Text files (which are plain text files in any language), as well as opening and saving Alkemized files.

Use the Microsoft app FCIV to validate that the file downloaded from here is the file I put here.
The FCIV output for Alkemi326.zip is:

// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.

// 1e9af18e6462f17d64269d7f131d52f1 alkemi326.zip

Alkemi for Android is available on Google Play Store.

You can download it at:

Alkemi for Android at the Play Store

Alkemi for Android is also available on Amazon App Store.

You can download it at:

Alkemi for Android at the Amazon App Store

The latest Android version (3.1.4) is also available on this web site.

As with the latest Windows version, you can run Alkemi 3.1.4 in Arabic.

Version 3.1.4: Minor change to Chinese in Switch Language.


Step One: Put text into the Original Text Box.
You can type it in or paste from some source. Any language is OK.
Any character set, like English, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and others, are OK.

You can mix them up. It doen't matter to Alkemi.

Step Two: Click on Set Key and add a key.
The key is just letters and numbers.
Again, like in Step 1, any language is OK, any character set is OK.
You can also mix them up if you want.

Step Three: Click the Alkemize button.

That's it! I hope you get good use from Alkemi.

Please let me know your impressions.

If you find my translations seriously amiss, I would greatly appreciate your letting me know.

You can email us (me) at:

Alkemi Email Address