ALKEMI is now available on Google Play Store.

You can find it and download it here:

Alkemi on Play Store

OR you can download it here: Amazon App Store

OR you can download the latest BETA version from this website:

Alkemi For Android Version 2.18

But several notes: to install from here you need to deactivate Play Protect on your phone before you install Alkemi. Once Alkemi is installed you can reactivate Play Protect.

Also: This is a BETA version.

Known Issues:
When pressing Dealkemize, with some instruments, nothing may appear to happen even though the code is working.

There are "Working" messages but they may not always display. They do with Alkemize.

I would greatly appreciate any comments, positive or negative.

This version does 4 things: Alkemizes original text; dealkemizes Alkemized text; and lets you easily email and messsge the Alkemized text.

Also, this APK is called com.yullencryption.alkemi.apk. Your previous APK (if you have one) is probably named alkemi.alkemi.apk. You should uninstall that first.

How to Use Alkemi

Exactly the same as with Alkemi for Windows, there are three basic functions with Alkemi: Alkemize Original text, deAlkemize, and set the key.

Additionally, you can immediately email or message your Alkemized text (message text length is limited to 160 characters). Or you can tweet it or send it on Facebook Messanger or use any other communication mechanism. You can even fax your Alkemized message. Now that's Old School.

Android Version 2.17 is not compatible with...

...with previous Android versions or the Windows version.

We are working on that.

Privacy Policy

Alkemi does not access any personal data and when exiting does not save any data. Alkemi does not require any special access on any device. Alkemi (any version) does not access the Internet or communicate with any other application.

Terms of Service

Ronald Gans and the Ronald Gans Software Company grants users of Alkemi non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to perform, display, and use Alkemi on the devices of their choosing.