Alkemi Not Restricted to the English Alphabet

Each Time You Alkemize the Results are Different

So, now you know how easy it is to use Alkemi: Enter text, enter a key and click. And you know that you can Alkemized many different languages and even mix them up. And you know that each time you Alkemize text the result is different but your data is still safe. And you know that you must keep your key secret. And you know you can email or text or use messenger or text messages to send Alkemized text to anyone who knows your key because it is just text. Just capital letters A-F and numbers.

When The Key Is Lost or Forgotten

Keep The Alkemized Text Unchanged

Encryption and Decryption are very exacting!

But there may be a solution to this.

Corrupted alkemized text can happen during transmissions, like email or perhaps by someone accidentally pressing a return key, or adding a space at the end, something not really visible. So…

The Clean Alkemized Link