Alkemi is very simple to use.

Step 1: Original Text

Step 2: The Key

Step 3: Click Encrypt

What Then?

So with Alkemi you can use just about any text-based communication application for private communications.

ALSO, when you DECRYPT data, going the other way using the Decrypt button, the data is also automatically copied to your clipboard so you can immediately use it in other programs.

Again, this is just text. Weird text, perhaps, but just text. Plain old text, which you can email anywhere, text anywhere, Messenger anywhere.

Because it doesn’t look like anything of interest, email providers who seem to care about how to monetize your data will not be able to pry into what you write. Note the Hexascii, that is, Alkemized, data is much longer than the original data. Over 2 times as long.

To get back the original message, just paste the Alkemized message you received into the Alkemized Text box, add the key you and your friend share and click the Dealkemize button and voilà! You get the original message back!

It's that simple.

More or less.